The how the crap did that happen thread

How the crap did the b tension screw fall out of my girlfriend’s fiancee’s hybrid while she was riding? It was more than 3/4 of the way in. (so many jokes here)

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is the derailleur body cracked?

have you moved it a shitload therefore rubbing off most of the locktite that comes on them?

It was the magnets. Also fingers crossed that this thread takes off.

Was it a sram RD?

Well it’s pretty obvious how this happened. Rattlesnake attacks bike, accidentally bites a co2 cartridge in the saddle bag, gets blown up like a balloon animal.

Bead unseats but it’s so loose and floppy and the tube is so big that the tube doesn’t bubble and explode. It just kind of blarfs out, pushing the bead with it. Then it wraps around the chainstay and magically doesn’t pop.

be mander >>> You are trackstanding at a light (it is 2008). Turns green, next thing you are on the ground. Bikes front fender is destroyed.


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Shimano dreailleur. Went home found another b tension screw and it was fine.


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Best new word 2014[/quote][/quote]

no pic…
Lockring on my Salsa brand SS specific hub worked its way all the way out to the droput and started gouging a gouge in it. Cog was all willy nilly across the hub body.