the hub cones thread

This wheel that I bought is starting to become a mess. First, the axle was too short so I picked up a longer one today. When I was installing it, I noticed that the bearing cones are mismatched. One appears to be stock, the other is a campy cone which is just narrow enough to leave a gap between the cone and dust cover.

Any ideas where I can get a set of 10x26tpi cone for 1/4 bearings? I already spent a 1/2 hour digging thru my LBS’s axle drawer to no avail and I can’t really imagine any other shop here having any.


the type of cone depends on the type of hub. cones aren’t universal.

you didn’t mention the type of hub.

Oops. There are no markings on the hub, but it looks like a knockoff of a Campy track hub. I’d guess Ofmega or Normandy.

Harris Cyclery had one set of Campy track axle + hardware in a bag for like $26 or something. I’d give them a call.

I went through the same ordeal with my disc wheel, old Italian threads are hard to find parts for. Do you know where to get Campy track nuts for cheap? I need some.