The Karate Monkey complete is now available. Booyah.

$1175 for a decent looking SS setup. Even comes with the super awesome Mr. Whirly crankset.

This is my next bike. Say hello to it.


I think this is a little pricey. For almost half as much, you can get a Monocog Flight with comparable components (BB5s rather than BB7s, though) and a lighter, higher-quality frame. There are also a lot of pretty nice geared 29ers you can get for the same/a little more.

Yeah, my specialized was 800 with my super-secret discount.

Doesn’t the Monocog Flight 29er cost like 900 bucks? For 200 dollars more, you’ll get a better wheelset, a better crankset, and better disc brakes.

I wouldn’t throw down $1200 for that, but it looks pretty sweet.

1200 for single speed?
No thank you.

The Origin8 29er is like $800/900 complete and I believe has the same or slightly better parts.

Its not going to sell for msrp, just like anyting else.

Oh, I didn’t notice that.

In that case it’s a direct competitor to the Origin8 and others.

handlebars are 666mm. thank you surly for pointing that out. you rule.

I wouldn’t throw down the cash either, but that thing looks burly.

Way too pricey. Rigid SS for $1175? Lame. I’m sure its an awesome complete but when I’m trying to get best bang for the buck that doesn’t even come close to cutting the mustard.

Surly rarely cuts said condiment in the “best bang for the buck” arena.

Still the components are ok but you could get a better complete for that cash.

Exactly my point. Cost on it is $750, so don’t expect much of a discount off the MSRP, unless you’ve gotta shop that doesn’t need to keep the heat on this winter.

I saw that the other day. I want a SS KM so bad! That price is a little high, but I may pick one up next year.

Add that shit up:
$395.00 Frame
$150.00 Hubs
$80.00 Rims
$45.00 Bars
$275.00 Cranks
$100.00 Brakes
$25.00 Levers
$70.00 Tires
$30.00 Headset
$40.00 Saddle

Right around $1200 according to the interwebz
Seems like a decent deal to me, especially if you can get it under MSRP. I would replace the headset, stem, seatpost, and freewheel down the road though.

Can that handle a suspension fork? I don’t know shit about MTB but want to try it next spring. Was looking at the Monocog Flight, but I do love Surly.

Fully geared $25 more.
Decent suspension up front.

Edit: OOoh this is nice … ile29.html hydros and can be setup geared as well with the same wheelset it has on there.

Both frames are “Suspension Corrected,” but you’ll have to research and see which forks will work and which won’t. I think Surly actually has a recommended one, though.