The new Dura Ace sure is ugly.

what are they going to do next year when they run out of numbers? Dura-Ace 8000?

ITS OVER 9000!!!

Ok sorry.

i have biopace on my '88 cannondale 3.0 road bike.
…with the sticker still on the outer chainring.

I like the brakes.

Dura Ace is NOT a grouppo :colbert:

(just sayin’)

your mom’s not a grouppo.

just sayin’

[quote=“TimArchy”]your mom’s not a grouppo.

just sayin’[/quote]

face. :bear:

Well if you want to get anal about it, it’s gruppo.

[quote=“EuroJosh”]Dura Ace is NOT a grouppo :colbert:

(just sayin’)[/quote]

Because they’re not sold in one box or because they stop producing seatposts, stems, and wheels under the DA brand?


Why are current shimano brifters so friggan huge? I have smallish hands and just looking at Shimano brifters cramps my hands up big time.

I love my Shimano STX-RC and XT hubs but other then that I’ve been really unimpressed with their stuff.

Curse my non Italian spell check.
Blicks, DA is not a gruppo because it’s not from Italy. Nor is my mother TimArchy :colbert:

Curse my non Italian spell check.
Blicks, DA is not a gruppo because it’s not from Italy. Nor is my mother TimArchy :colbert:[/quote]

Is DA a グループ then?

I was going to translate “group” in the whatever language your background suggested and say your mom was that, but I realized that I don’t think I know anything about your geneology (other than the fact that you say “pop” instead of soda). And, foiling my last ditch effort, google doesn’t translate into Jewish.

Then I realized that I don’t even remember what your last name was before you got married.

Oh, wait…now I remember. Damn, that doesn’t help.

By the by, what’s the cheapest way to buy a group/gruppo? Ebay, online store, or buying a bikesdirect bike and stripping it? I want to build up a pedalforce carbon road frame for racring.

get a job at a shop.

I can’t have a user name like “EuroJosh” without feigning sarcasm over referring to DA as a gruppo, it’s a component group. Only Campagnolo, Ofmega, and Gipeme (sp) should be referred to as gruppos. Genealogically speaking I’m Euro by way of Ohio.

^ I’m more Euro :colbert:

PBK is generally pretty good and GVH used to be decent for Campagnolo. The rubbish state of the dollar has made them all a little less affordable. Wait for the investment bankers to upgrade to the new Super Record and try to score some used Campagnolo kit on the cheap. Working at a shop would help with this, too.

And even they should only be called a gruppo if you happen to be an Italian. I would argue for all of us folks stuck with English it is all just a group.

[quote=“TimArchy”]I’d rather have ugly dura ace than bullshit fucking campy 11 speed.

5mm wide chains are awesome. Now you’ll get to replace your $130 record chain every two months instead of every three.

I can’t believe campy did it. They’re getting worse than shimano with constant upgrades. Up until a few years ago they were good. Still had standard BB’s with square taper and most groups were compatible with each other. Then they jumped straight into integrated BB’s, outboard bearings, and now 11 speed. I really hope nobody rides it.

I’m not bitter or anything.[/quote]
I’ll take a 10 speed alum Chorus setup any day. A 10 piece group went on Serotta forum, complete including ti seat post, for $650 yesterday. Super bummed I missed out on that deal.

Oh it also had an Open Pro wheelset with it…