the velo orange x tarck llc business venture thread


you all know tarck is an llc and we work primarily as the internet’s well informed bicycle nerdery peanut gallery

as of late there were rumors and conspiracy theories that our words were read and repeated by big players in the bicycle industry

one of those players is velo orange and a representative of that company has oficially logged into tarck to play nice (and not try to debunk canti-gate*)

i formally propose that velo orange begin discussions with the elders for tarck-developed and -approved products, made for the marketplace.




650B fenders in 60mm width that have a lip on both sides and the same arc/coverage as the smaller sizes. There are tens of us who may buy these (although it’s probably higher than a year ago?)


i shouldnt have to brush my teeth any more. there should be a pill. its 2018 ffs.



Low-trail conversion forks that don’t suck and have disc mounts.

and internal dyno routing.


There’s dozens of us!


Have you considered selling pine tar soap and artisan hatchets?


fixed just to be clear


fixed just to be clear[/quote]

Yes that, that would be very nice.


fixed just to be clear[/quote]

There are at least 3 of us!

Yes that, that would be very nice.[/quote]



don’t forget thumb gloves and trangia o-rings



why the shit would we expect velo orange to make anything that is up to tarck® standards?


I was riding up a steep hill today and I sucked in real hard, and my saliva tasted like halitosis and I was like “how has science not yet fixed this?”


A porteur front rack that won’t break but mounts to mid-fork, crown and brake hole.


How about a toaster that can brown my toast to a perfect Pantone 160?


Can we just get someone from Surly on here instead so we can “help” them come up with more names for colorways?


Combining the best traits of VO, Surly, and tarck could really be…something.