They know

Read the description of the bar tape, hipster.

8==========D 0-:

dudes read some bsnyc eh

Why not floss some bling in the ‘drome with the gleaming, metallic finish of Stella Azzura’s Cromo Road Handlebar Tape?

Is that as far as you read?

wtf lol

No, I can’t read. I just copied some random shit and posted it.

we have a mustache :bear:

"We have a mustache. "


i like the product questions

“would this work covering a small rust slit in a rear bumper of a pickup if the repair wasn’t expected to last forever?”

i wanted to answer:

“no. but it does make great emergency muffler repair tape, and in a pinch works as a cock strap, however we do recommend the Italian flag colored tape for that use.”

Josh had some of that shit in his shop that he tried to pawn off on every friend that came in. He even offered to pay for it if I put in on my bike. I not so respectfully decline. As far as I know it’s still there.

Nah, I sold that shit to a kid with a Peugeot “track” bike.

Then all is right with the world. Well done my friend.

The Jackalope? In Milwaukee?

I don’t know what is going on here.