This is getting its own thread...



the only questionable thing that guy has done is getting a republic bike.


Also, props to whoever made that patterned border

Is the smallpox look in now or something?

Why you so sad!?!

spend $1000’s on custom body, 250 on biek. Baaaaaad priorities.

Well we know he won’t be wearing a hamlet, unless he cuts horn holes

horns protect head


start investing now in the tattoo removal/piercing reversal industry, you gonna get rich

I know a dude that had 1.5" plugs or something that he had removed and then some plastic surgery to fix up his ears which cost something north of $10k.

god damn! being hip= expensive

geeze. i’ve heard of some of the better piercers doing this for much less. basically just cut the lobes and sew up the middle, and it comes out fairly clean.

Generally speaking, the act of “sewing up” an individual is usually reserved for surgeons, thus the high cost. I’m sure there are competent piercers out there that can do a reasonable job, though that puts them at risk for practicing medicine without a license, which of course will depend on state law.

Also, “fairly clean” is less than what I would expect from a plastic surgeon.

Depends on if your looking for “no one can tell”, or can settle for “dude, what happened to your ears” when someone looks closely.

Eh, I’m not going to suggest that a piercer can’t learn the fine motor control equivalent to a plastic surgeon. There’s a body of knowledge that’s missing, but that can be acquired. Not really much to an ear lobe.


he looks like a “Derek” to me.