This is Tarck

colored chain
white tires
non-machined rims
More bar/stem height difference

Mercier 50cm
Nitto 100mm Gold Jaguar, Nitto 2500AA Purple Flat Bars, Red Oury Grips
Stock Mercier Fork, Shimano 105 headset
Bianchi XL Levitation 16h rim, Bianchi carbon fiber hub, spoke beads
32h Open Pro laced to a fixed/fixed Surly hub, spoke cards
Stronglight 170 crank arms and bottom bracket
Thomson Elite, Turbo
MKS sylvans, MKS clips, 2 sets of Christophe vinyl straps
46t 1/8" red Sugino chainring, 17t 1/8th Surly cog, Izumi gold chain

fuck what you heard

it has a gold chain
no one needs white tires
machined rims and no brakes are tarck
notice the fact that the bikes leaning back a little bit, there’s plenty of bar/height difference
spoke beads don’t fit on aerospokes

It can get way more tarck than that.

Shants did it first.
Shants did it better.


shame it can’t to barrrspinnzzz

Does team tarck have a jersey?

oh god. someone get the fuck on this right the fuck now. NOW. FUCKING RIGHT NOW.

I wanted to do Tarck Bear skinsuits for the track but it would prove to be an expense I can’t afford right now. Maybe just jerseys with the bear. No words. That would be bitchin’.

pixilized bear on a jersey solid colors would touch my tra la la like no other.


Maybe a white jersey with black sleeves/collar/pockets and a big fat TARCK BEAR doin’ his thing on front. I would tarck wear it everyday.

There are only two ways I will approve of this jersey nonsense:

#1 - There needs to be an arrospok rolling out of the trash can, and the arrospoke needs to be on the left nipple area of the shirt.
#2 - We have to make matching shorts. But instead of saying ‘tarck as shit’ they have to say ‘tarck ass shit.’ Across the butt.

man, i want one.

have world champion stripes around the arm cuffs but instead of the regular colors have them pink, neon, and out of order.

I like where this is going.

“Tarck ass fuck” would work on the shorts too.

Also, +1 on the neon stripes. I want Blicks to design an 80s tark ass fuck jersey.

dude, i will seriously buy a tarck jersey. for serious. yes. very much yes. unless it’s stupid expensive. then you can eat dicks. bags of dicks. hefty hefty bags of dicks.

also, where the fuck can i get a mini tarckelbee to put in my avatar? i want.

topic? on? NO!

also also i do not want wool. too fucking hot. i want that hi-teck shizzzzzzzzzzz or plastic or whatever the serious people wear in the summer. cuz it’s goddamn hot.

i will waer this jersey everyday. all day. i’ll bath in it. and sex in it. and drink in it very muchly.

i’m so hungry

…you were lied to.

+1 to anyone who knows what im talking about.