Time Trial Trikes

I had no idea.


i kinda dont get it, but im sure they have their reasons. very interesting at least.

those hed3s do not belong on that bike.



Mash Fort Worth, 203.

That is entirely wetahded. If they were time trial tall trikes I might be mildly interested.

don’t censor my shit. damn the word filter. It’s not like I said fixie.

why not?

they belong on a pista concept doing barspinazz

What. why are they doing this?


Mash Fort Worth, 203.[/quote]

heh yeah ive come across that. didnt it get craigslisted?

i’ll be living in fw again sooner than i thought too. today my awesome roommate informed me that he told the landlord we’ll be out at the end of the month. i thought it was going to be the end of next month. cool. someone’s going to have to show me where to ride down there that isnt boring, but also isnt blowing through the camp bowie/7th/university.


why not?[/quote]

hed3³ - makes perfect sense.

Yeah the trike went to the CL. We had a good 8 hours of fun out of it, nearly breaking it, before it was sold. Let us know when you will be in FW. More riders in this town are always a good thing. And you have to love roomies like that, rad!