Tire Chat


I haven’t had a problem with the initial seating. Even my 8 year old Surly Larry went on with one blast of air. But both that old tire and the new Maxxis I got came off the shelf in spots after deflating. Makes me wary in case I have a major burp incident out in the wild. I don’t want to go back to carrying an emergency co2.

One saving grace might be the latex strips I’m using, which after a week or two are supposed to bond to the bead and create a big ol’ tubular.


horizons are just not good tires. they’re fine but they’re not good.


I thought they were great. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I still think the gravel king is a better tire. It actually has some puncture protection and is a lot lighter
( ( (( S U P P L E )) ) )


The gravel king 48 is a lot less supple than the horizon, unless they’ve been seriously beefed up since I bought mine in 2016


I’ve spent most of the last months commuting on tires that weigh almost 0.9kg EACH, so Horizons feel pretty damn amazing.


yeah mcdonalds is a fuckin steak house compared to a shit sandwich


Lowered tire preassure today, rode to work, Stan’s sealant started spurting out of front tire. By the time I got to work it stopped and was still holding air. Rode home from work, 1.8 km away from home, sealant starts spraying out of tire like an arterial wound from a Samurai movie, keeps loosing air. I fumble in the dark to remove the thru axle and install a tube but end up stripping the bolt head. FML. Got a lift home and went to work replacing Stans with Orange Seal. I suck and fuck Stans.


Trail Boss front Bronson rear on the hardtail 29er today gave me all of it. Rare hero dirt conditions didn’t hurt, either.


nuked a byway this weekend somehow. Something went through the tread, out the bead, and smanged up my rim. Rim seems fine but orange seal won’t even fix it.

So it gets a tube and goes on LB’s soma whilst I run some bee-lines on the endpoint for the rest of the summer.

There’s no feeling quite like grabbing some brake on a 30mph gravel descent only to realize you’ve got about 2psi in your tire. (did not fall, somehow)


Curses, orange seal!


My free sample of Slime sealant showed up today. I’m going to mount up some Thunder Butts soon, probably with Slime, and I will report back.


please do a 5ft drop


speaking of 5’ drops
I put 60mm Schwalbe Big Ones on my Radlawn, did streets and singletrack at 20–25psi. Turning was squirmy on the pavement, probably too low/too narrow a rim. Was thinking of using for poobarning trip, but I dunno.


+5psi; yolo; rinse; repeat.



I assume many of you got the e-mail about Compass’s 55 mm 700C tires? I was going to put Schwalbe G-Ones or whatever on the Jones but I just ordered these in extralight/tan sidewalls. Very excited to have a great fat tire.


55 seems small for a mtb tho?


The old 29 x 2.35 Schwalbe jawns were awesome (save for not being TLR).


But I’m really not using it as a mountain bike, it’s more of a gravel+ a little bit bike. Unless your concern is that a 2.1" tire is going to alter handling?