Tires tires tires! 26" and token 700c

  • One pair foldable 26 x 2.1" Tioga Powerblocks: $30 + shipping
  • One pair COMPASS 26 x 1.85" Naches Pass, standard casing: $40 + shipping
  • One pair brand new 45NRTH Gravdal 26 x 2.0" wire bead studded tires: $50 + shipping (probably expensive-ish)
  • One pair Continental Grand Prix 4season 700 x 28: $30 + shipping

Low low low miles on the Tiogas and COMPASS, doubt anything more than 30 miles on each, definitely not even enough to even wear down the mold flashing on the center of the Powerblocks.

Low low miles on the Contis, maybe 100, if even that. They’ve been hanging around for more than a few years though, but usually kept them in ziplock bags when not mounted (which was 90% of the time).

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I’ll take the Tiogas



I’m interested in the nachos if you would ship to Canada.



Everything is either gone or has dibs called on them. I’ll update if it changes.