'tis better to have ridden and lost than never ridden at all

I probably should have kept my nordavinden or sold it for a bit more.
I never did get it dialed into the bike I wanted.


man i had so much fun on & with this bike


Good bike



But also this

and this

and also this


I would ride either of these 10/10.
Dang and the other ones too. Aluminum looks good, actually.

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I remember seeing the RL a long time ago, but the 'zetti, got dang.

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That’s one that I really wish the head tube was ~30mm taller and I’d probably still be riding it. The most telepathic handling I’ve experienced, I think.

Making me want to have a disc gaulzetti/skeletor built up…

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late pass, meant to dig this up

What a storied life under the feather duster


Spooky was always the coolest bike builder, making rad alu bikes I had no need or money for.

Aren’t they on like the third revival now? Owned by a group of investors with no connection to the old sXe shirts and FTW days?

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third, maybe fourth iteration. I think FTW was building frames for them again in the last couple of years, not sure about now. Or if they still exist

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Their site says Handmade In Arizona, IG says Handmade In Colorado but no posts in a year and a half.

I guess Spooky is too punk to live so it died again.


My introduction to basket life. I loved this bike so much.

This thing was a great winter fixie.

My first “nice” bike.

The Official Tarck Olmo!

And another bike that’s still in the fam


I kinda regret selling this one since Waterford closed. Especially since it got stolen from the guy I sold it to. @spaghetti, did he ever get it back?

But then I think, huh, I have another steel canti rando bike that I never ride and then I’m glad I sold it.

This one sure was a 'beaut!

@amy, do you still have it?


When I think back, I’m amazed how many fixed gear miles I put on this thing. I rode it from Chicago to Wisconsin for cryin out loud!

It was the bike that started it all.
RIP, The Crosscheck.


no :frowning:

AirTag gave us an address for a few days but the wonderful police force refused to do anything, then it disappeared.


1983 Miyata Twelve Hundred

Cheapo crabon wheels, Rival drivetrain, weird cranks. But damn that gold/brown sparkle paint, that nice tubing. Really should have kept it, I need a road bike back in my life.

1993 Bridgestone MB-2

This had everything, and I am a dummy for ever getting rid of it.
Sw8 lugged frame and fork, high-flange WI rear hub/SON front with matchy nice wide D521 rims. Ritchey 94bcd cranks. High-polish Avid brakes and levers. XT thumbies shifting over an 8-speed XTR cassette. Dyno lights. SUPER MOTO tires in the OG supple-r 26" version.


Why did you have to go and make me trawl eBay for 80s road frames like this?


I do! Don’t ride it much but maybe I’ll move back down the hill next year and use it as my town bike again.