Whatever happened with Reynolds Steel 953? Seems that Indy Fab has been the only one using it for the past two years. I remember the builds on frameforums saying it sucked but I can’t find the threads any more. Ah well…

I read things that implied it was difficult to work with, but I don’t remember the details.

It is very difficult to work with and requires special training, so that makes it very expensive. Indy Fab does it but it will cost a lot. And I wouldn’t expect it to come down in price for a long time, steel is pretty much dead nowadays. I think Waterford works with it too.

Here is a custom one by David Anderson:

http://frameforum.org/portal/index.php? ... 25&Itemid=

Yeah, Waterford does work with it, there is a thread here on BF: http://www.bikeforums.net/showthread.ph … highlight=

Looks nice but you can see from that thread that it is a niche market; think Rivendell for really rich guys.

my dad makes it apparently… hes worked for carpenter technologies for 35 years or so. i worked there too summers during college. steel mills are manly.

Jonny Cycles, Waterford, Bob Jackson and others all work with it.

That’s the rad stainless tubing? I want a touring frame made of of that stuff.


Yea but why hasn’t it caught on? It seems that the people using it were hand selected by Reynolds to try it and the verdict still isn’t out.

pretty sure it has caught on. the question is, where have you been?

Yeah, 953 has caught on for the type of people who have $2000+ to spend on a bicycle frame. Don’t expect it to usurp carbon fiber or aluminum, though.

Only old guys who love steel will be spending $2K on 953 frames. If 953 had been around 20 years ago, it would have usurped Ti, no doubt about it. But it wasn’t and so it has a very limited niche market in 2008.

I don’t see what twenty years of 953 would have accomplished, but it’s not like Ti has captured a huge slice of the market. They’re both niche materials in this day and age.