Torelli Bormio

Any experience with these? They are lightish and cheap. Good reviews. Anything better in this price range?

3 bills eh. id look into neuvation. or have someone build you kinlin xr300/niobium rims on ultegra hubs with some sort of DT spoke. try

That looks like a decent deal, but unless you’re familiar with this brand and I’ve just happened to miss it, I’d go with someone with a good, long-term reputation. The guy with the greasy hair is right, Neuvation has some impressively light wheels and right now, they’ve got the same basic set of wheels (in terms of weight) for about $250. I’ve never used their wheels, but they’ve been around a long time and have a pretty sterling reputation for quality and customer service.

…and now my cross bike “needs” 50mm carbon tubulars.

meh dont get the torellis. get some williams wheels.

Since I race cyclocross so poorly, I’m embarrassed to put CX tires on my Zipps and use them for racing. Seriously though, that is absolutely the best deal on new carbon rims from a non-dodgy source I’ve seen.

I’m no power-rider or racer but I have put about 2,000 miles on these wheels around the potholed streets of Oakland.

Just recently I was descending a too-dark road and accidentally hit a pothole hard enough to knock my water bottle out of the cage and the front wheel is still true. I’ve hit other potholes hard enough to flat a tire and I’ve never trued these wheels, and they still look straight to me.

I don’t know why I hit so many potholes. Probably paying too much attention to crazy drivers and neglecting to look at the road surface.

john neugent (neuvation) is concise and prompt with inquiries and shipping, and his wheels are decent quality. i rode a 16h bladed front wheel he built for a couple years and it never needed truing. honestly i wish he’d stock/build with track hubs also, but the last time i asked he said he had no plans to do so.

…and now my cross bike “needs” 50mm carbon tubulars.[/quote]
Their carbon tubies are very high quality, you won’t be disappointed

Torelli stuff is usually rebadged something else… probably something out of the Alex factory.