Toronto cyclist loses leg to taxi driver ... onfict.php

[quote]As more people ride bikes, there are more “interactions” between cyclists and motorists. We previously covered Leah’s fight over a beef pattie in Kensington Market, and more recently No Impact Man’s impact with a senator; they both walked away. However last night in Toronto, a cyclist had a loud argument with a cab driver and the next thing residents heard was a sickening crunch and a man screaming for help- the cabbie rammed the cyclist against a pole and severed his leg. Doctors couldn’t fix it and the leg was amputated.


Please dont argue with cars. I was dragged 70 feet down a road last year after I was attacked by a driver. I was lucky.

holy shit

yah BULLSHIT, death for that driver…

People suck. :colbert:

i hate taxis

Fucking Canadians.

Toronto cabbies are fucking cunts and I wouldn’t skip a fucking beat if they all up and fucked off in a rocket aimed at the sun tomorrow morning. In fact I think I’d moonwalk all the way to work.

When I pedicab, sometimes I have nights where I’d go crazy if I didn’t pick a fight with a motorist. It’s dangerous, but I feel like it’s necessary at times…

one morning i was riding to school and i had the right of way so i didn’t let a tractor trailer make a turn onto the two-lane street i was on. a block down the road this truck is just driving fast and getting too close to me like the drainage ditch scene in Terminator 2 so when i could get into a turn lane he just barreled right past me and ran the stop sign.

fuck anyone who is a reckless, dangerous asshole while driving.

that’s a terrible and incredibly fucked up incident

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buy the ticket, take the ride.

As a city of bad and angry drivers, most Torontonians won’t sympathize with the guy who lost his leg. I did enjoy cycling there and drivers’ attitudes do vary, but not so much when it comes to cabbies and the 9-5 crowd. A scary bunch.