Tour de Diet

I was thinking today, after the guys on the tour ride 167km just today (I don’t ride that in a fortnight), what do they eat for dinner, or what happens when they get home at night?
I’ve always been curious as to what professional sports people eat before/after a huge game etc. Ever since I was 13 actually, when I had a mars bar and lemonade before a tennis match and must have burped 100 times in the first 5 minutes.
So yeah any ideas? beer and ice cream? Massages? Oh to have the life of a pro cyclist. ... s-12812-1/

I saw the show this article refers to. “JD Units”

It showed some riders eating breakfast. They eat more at in one meal then I eat in five days.

I’ve heard 8,000 calories a day.

probably with the amount of drugs they are ingesting there is really no need to eat…