Track Bike Reddit

if you’ve ever heard of reddit, it’s a user-generated news site that anyone can submit to, then the community votes on which stories should make it to the front page

a lot like digg if you have heard of it.

one of the best features is you can create your own reddit, and i just created one for track bikes.

make an account (free) and post links to web tools, biking stories, and other cool track bike stuff, and it will be available for everyone.

check it out!

not a bad idea

there doesn’t seem to be anything there

well yeah, thats cause i just made it, and no one has submitted anything yet

so i know this didn’t really take off like i thought it would, but i think it could be a strong resource.

i just submitted 2 links, it takes like 30 seconds to submit something.

add your favorite tarck sites!