trek tarck bike?

saw this being discussed a couple of places (ok i dropped in bfssfg for a sec), but i’m more interested in the bike photos. it looks like maybe a trek prototype. ... fm?id=9236 ... hlight=000


just noticed the pedals… this thing would be right at home in the jackass thread as well.

i cant decide, ugly as sin or totally bad ass

trek t1.

thread over

thats not a t1

This is supposed to be the one:

Said to be a prototype.

what im saying is trek already has a track bike

[quote=“Oh No”]trek t1.

thread over[/quote]

well i know about that bike already. but i posted this b/c i live in madison, and there are a lot of trek employees around, so figured a prototype might be interesting. besides, this is more high end, and def more interesting than the t1.

no foot retention. “more money than sense”

if it’s owned by a trek employee, it was probably cheap/free. so just “no sense”.

kinda reminds me of a felt

wtf mate.


so that’s the bike he rides to the atm?

I doubt that’s a real “track” prototype, per se. I don’t think Trek has much interest in getting into the incredibly small market for individual and team track pursuit racing bikes, and as far as I know, Trek doesn’t sponsor any major teams, unless they’re doing the Olympics this year or something. More likely, it’s a prototype time trial frame that some bored Trek employees stuck track ends on. We don’t see any cable routing stuff because it’s all on the other side, and it’s internal, as shown in the FGG picture of the road bike.

Needs risers, anodized cranks, and powdercoated 650c aerospoke for bawspinz.

That was a dumb move on the owner. I personally think riding full carbon anything in the street is fucking retarded.

The road biek version is fucking hot, though.

honestly wtf is going on with those handlebars???

Dildo bars evolved :bear:

I dig that frame.

I take my bike with me when using the ATM. It stays right in front of me.

[quote=“lofarkas”]This is supposed to be the one:

Said to be a prototype.[/quote]

It’s like a fighter plane.