Troubles installing Octalink crank/BB

I recently purchased a (used) dura ace double crankset and (supposedly matching) bottom bracket to use on my Gene Spicer cyclocross frame. The cranks are the 7700s and according to Sheldon’s site – – I need a BB with a 109.5 spindle length. That’s what the bottom bracket is. It is also for a 68mm shell width, which is what the frame has.

When I attempt to install the cranks on the bottom bracket, they tighten down so far that the inner chainring rubs the frame. It seems as if the spindle isn’t long enough, even though as far as I can tell it is the length I need for the crankset and gearing (9spd) that I am using. I have looked up various suggestions on how to properly install the cranks and have tried everything I have found (except using a torque wrench). I have removed the bolts so I can see the splines align, follow the Park Tool suggestion of putting a spline at 12:00 and the driveside crank at 6:00 and then installing the non-drive side at 12:00.

Both sides tighten down much further than they appear they should and I am never met with much resistance. Like I said, it gets to the point where the inner chainring rubs the seat stay. The threads and splines and inside of the crank arms all appear fine, though I am not familiar with what definitely good ones look like.

Any idea as to why this is happening?

(I have tried searching for answers, but haven’t found anything)

Not that this helps much, but I just had a similar problem. I got a set of cranks for a 107mm bottom bracket, ebayed. bought a brand new bottom bracket (proper size, although like yourself i thought it looked like a short spindle) and when i put the cranks on, they slid all the way up until the inside of the crank bolt hole literally locked against the bottom bracket shell. confused, i put a set of 109 shimano bottom bracket sized cranks on, and they fit perfectly.

is it possible that the cranks were torqued way too far on and the inside of the square taper hole is worn away? I have heard of this happening, but never really held one of the cranks in my hand.

Not sure but I think the 109.5 BB would be for a road frame?

Your cross frame may have wider stays to accommodate wider tires?

Sam: The cranks look like they would touch the bottom bracket cups if I were to tighten them all the way down. Odd.

DDYTDY: Someone on brianforums said it’s the frame that’s the problem and that his Country Road Bob had a similar issue.
Sounds like I need a longer spindle? That would throw off the chainline though, I think.

I have a Dura Ace 9sp double octocrank with a 109.5 BB. On the same bike with the same cranks I run a TA Triplizer, triple set up with a 118mm bb.

Chain line does not seem to be an issue.

chainline on a geared bike gets so screwed up through shifting that it would not be an issue. sounds like it’s time for a longer spindle. i’d suggest emailing gene, since he’s really good about getting back to customers, ask him if it’s a problem that he’s heard of happening before.

Gene’s reply (recent) echoed what others have said – that an XTR BB with a 112.5 spindle should work. Seems to just be a weird combination of frame/crank/bb not working well together.