Tubeless How To

Why would you want tubeless tires anyway?

While there’s a higher learning curve than with tubed tires, tubeless tires can reduce flats by sealing up punctures. Watch this GCN video of Jeremy Powers riding over nails and not getting a flat. Tubeless can be lighter weight than a tubed setup, though that may even out after the weight of sealant is accounted for. Also, tubeless setups can be run at a lower pressure, resulting in a faster and more ~~supple~~ ride (Tarck standardized suppleness test: lean tire against wall and see if it sags).

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I read through the tubeless thread, forgot half of it, and then wrote this. All mistakes are on purpose, actually.

Does this mean you got your bead set?
Do you want to do this on camera?

Read something on bikepacking dot com where they were saying to wrap the tape in a certain direction to prevent tire sauce from getting underneath the tape. Does anyone actually do this?

I do! I wrap my tape the long way rather than side-to-side


I mean it could theoretically, but if you do two wraps of tape then you’re going to wear out your tires before you have to worry about milk getting in-between layers of tape, right? (Unless, of course, you’re using the fabric backed gorilla tape)

Bead set and tires sealed. I’m still trying to fix the FD, adjust the bar/lever position, and then wrap the bars. But I can post a pic of the new bike without flat tires now

Probably more likely too if you don’t seat new tape with a tube first.

Setting up tubeless is always the worst, but so worth it.

Here, I made a shitty video about tubeless tape technique.


Let’s get our vaccines and let uncle spaghetti put a nice microphone on you


So every six months for top ups? I’ve been adding an ounce of orange seal to my gp5s every two months. Both tires have been fed 4oz total of sealant,2oz initially and then a couple of bimonthly topups. will any bad things happen when there is too much sealant in my tires?

6 mos max because it starts to really dry out by then. If you ride it more and/or get more punctures it’s prudent to fill up more frequently. As far as too much soup, I haven’t had that happen to me. It would weigh a bit more and idk maybe degrade tape more quickly (but you ought to be replacing that when you get new tires anyway)?

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You’ll occasionally have to peel out the dried sauce, weigh it, and post a pic of your haul.


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