I did it to my cross bike, like it a lot. who uses it and on what? what rim/tire?

I also decided to make this because I was thinking that mr Stan could make a killing making t shirts along the lines of ‘‘one less car’’

‘‘one less tube’’

this is all based on the assumption there isnt a tubeless thread. I am too lazy to search.

Contemplating it, what rims/tires you using?

I’m building up a set of the new alpha 340s and getting the raciest hutchinson tires… I rode a set yesterday and kinda fell in love with them a bit.

wouldn’t it be “two less tubes” ?

two stickers = extra tubeless

I’m running Stan’s ZTR Olympic rims with Stan’s Crow and non ust Nobby Nics. Stoopid low pressures with no pinch flats.

I also converted a 21mm Sun Equalizer rim to tubless using just Stan’s yellow tape. The bead was a bitch to seat until I put in a PVC rim strip.

to les toobs.

Love em on my mtb, will build for my cross bike.

I was riding home on the Pompino yesterday thinking about doing this. The hutchinson cx tires I have on there say “Tubless Ready” on em but they’re pretty beat so I’d have to get new ones.

going to do this for cross. was going to do it for the road, but there’s not enough season left to make it worth it atmo. for cross it’ll be on non-tubeless rims,

any suggestions for rim strips/other ways to seal the rim?

also, is stans sealant the go to tubeless tire sealant?

I rode the dura ace tubeless for a few weeks ans wasnt that impressed for road. For cx and MTb it makes a ton of sense and i’d reccomend 100%


can someone explain why you would go tubeless over tubulars?

i’m running the stock tire/wheelset combo from my gary fisher rig - bontrager duster rims and xdx tires (29x2.1").

So when you flat you can put a tube in and keep riding.

Plus way cheaper for tubeless than tubular.

Can use clincher wheelset.

conti sprinters are $40 and decent tubulars…
tubeless tires are ~$50+

i’d say its a wash…


Very difficult but not impossible to seat a bead with a floor pump. I never tried with a hand pump.

It’s why I finally bought a small compressor for home.

I used wheels not intended and tires not intended for tubeless. tubeless valves some sealant elec. tape plus magic, works great on rough trails.

williams system 30s

michelin muds

better than tubular without question. have done both.