US Cyclists get An Apology from Olympic Committee,0,1369208.story

dont feel like reading it

why did they get in trouble for wearing the anti-pollution masks?

Because everyone in the world is a stupid fucking asshole.

what was the offense though?


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I just speak the truth, brother.

cause certain USOC members misinterpreted it as a political statement and an insult to the Chinese host who did as good of a job as they probably could have to clear up the air before the games. i dunno, i watched some of the road events and it looked like the air was still pretty fucking smoggy in beijing. the cyclists claimed they were wearing the masks per the recommendations of a USOC physician.

The USOC Gave them the mask. They consulted with Sarah Hammer on the design of the mask. They told the athletes that “everyone” would be wearing the mask. Then when the cyclist got off the plane with the mask on-everyone went crazy, like it was a political statement. Political protest at olympics is a big time no no. The fucking USOC let the 5 cyclist take the wrap like it was some shit they dreamed up on their own, and they didn’t come clean about it till now.

Sarah was supposed to do really well at the games, and she bombed! constant ridicule from all the press and athletes… its pretty fucked up!

damn shame.

It really was a fucked up situation. I remember hearing before anyone even went to Beijing all sorts of shit about how “the air is hundreds of times worse than LA! it will RUIN endurance athletes! nobody who cares about their lungs will even think of stepping outside without a pollution mask!”

then all the drama. I don’t even understand what the USOC thought they were doing, why let the athletes absorb the blame for something so stupid and not their fault?