Used tire bin clean out

OK, got a bunch of used tires I thought I’d use and probably will not before they dry rot, maybe y’all can make use of them. Everything is tubeless and used but has life left in it.

Pairs, rear has about 50%, front has about 75%:
Michelin power gravel 700x35 - done!
Gravelking SK 700x38 - Gone!
ENVE SES black sidewall 700x29 (2 pair) - nope!

ENVE SES brown sidewall 700x29, 50% $5
WTB Nano 700x40 90% - finished!
Vittoria Corsa 700x28 90% $10
WTB Exposure 700x34 90% $10
Hutchinson Overide 700x35 50% $5

Or throw an offer, I dunno. Trade for other stuff?

OK, someone throw me any offer on any or all of these.

I’ve decided to keep the ENVE 29s for my sweet fixie. Free plus shipping for the rest or they get donated.

Dibs on the Gravelkings please

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Take em to Recyclery at Howard and Paulina.

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No, u.

I do have quite a bit of crap to take over there. Last time I tried they were closed despite all on line indications being to the contrary.

It’s funny I lived like a 5 minute walk from there for a year and have never set foot inside.

Let me dig through your bike junk, you can dug through mine, and then we’ll bring the whole load over in our Bullitts.

I’d take the Michelins and the Nano for shipping if ya still got 'em.

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Yep, still do.

I’ll try to remember to bring some boxes home…