Using brake housing for derailleur housing

Using brake housing for derailleur housing, just that loop from chainstay to rear derailleur. Bad idea? It’s not made for the same amount of compression or whatever right? But is it going to matter?

It will work fine with friction shifting, but if you flip it over to click shifting you will likely have problems keeping it tuned just right.

Not a big deal. The main problem with brake housing for shifting applications is that it stretches a bit as it’s bent, so it’s pretty much a no-go for shifter to cable-stop use.

Not really an issue, even with indexed shifting.

I have a piece of brake cable housing going into my force rear der. on my cross bike. it was all i had and i was in a pinch. it is working, but i should get it replaced before i am in a race and it isn’t working.

correct, in that location you should never really notice it…

I really really really want a lifetime supply of that dia compe clear housing.

lube it?


don’t lube new housing, it’ll get gunky, but if you’re trying to keep some older stuff, lube the cable then slide the housing back and forth over it.

I should amend this. With 9 or 10 speed drivetrains you will likely have problems. Less gears = wider spacing = more room for imprecision.

I personally wouldn’t run brake housing in the back except as a temporary fix or with friction shifting. It’ll work adequately, but it’s just not the right way to do things. Plus, there’s no real motivation to do it other than immediate availability - it’s about $1 at the lbs.

or, just ride fixed

Man, I have more brakeless fixed gears than anyone on the planet needs.

So ride those.
Remember: “Geers R 4 Kweeers.”

This is fine if you’re riding a Magna, but if you’ve got a real bike, use some fucking derailer cable.

I use chainwax + scrub the cable with steel wool, the smooth surface moves better.