Velo Orange Grand Cru Cantilevers

I just ordered a set of these for my cross bike. 75$ for a set including everything. i bet the price goes up once they start getting a bit more known. cheaper than a set of avid shorty6s and sooooo much cheaper than pauls. can’t wait to mess around with them. the hangers look really well thought out. :boing: ... ucabr.html[img][/img]

I think Velo Orange, despite their silly name, does some real good work.

You’ll have to let me know how those work out for you. I was going to buy their other set (whatever they are called) and I never followed through with the build that they were going to go on.

Velo Orange do a great job building less blingy but good quality versions of hi zoot bike parts for much cheaper. I like them a lot! Recently they also came out with a good looking four bolt silver threadless stem to compete with the Nitto UI5GX.

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^^^^yeah. the gold is a bit much, but they’re going on an orange frame. i’ll be racing w/ them this coming weekend and it should be muddy.

The Grenouille comes in silver and is $45. Appears to be the same brakeset.

EDIT: To ask a mechanic’s question. This cross frame I am rebuilding as a townie bike has canti bosses on the back, but the fork only has tabs. They have the spring holes and a larger center hole. There was some sort of insert in place of the bosses but I ebay’d the cantis a while back and sent them off by mistake. Is this a standard lbs part? I could just run a caliper up front but the Grenouilles on both ends would look sweet.

similar, but the grand cru set allows for toe adjustment and has the tension adjusters. dunno if there are other differences between them. GOLD IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN SILVER

^^^ you can buy the studs from your LBS or online. google “cantilever studs”


Edit:Thanks for the answer too - hadn’t bothered to ask locally just yet.

got them yesterday and have installed the rear. very nice quality. they were completely unassembled, so it took me a little bit to figure things out. they would be well served to put some install instructions together if only to save the buyer some time. looks to be another wet commute so this should be a great test. very impressive thus far.

Pics plz.

sure… pay no attention to the slightly wonky pad orientation or the nearly bald michelin mud that’s on there.

Fuck I wish I had found those before I bought Shimano BR-550’s =/

I think those would hit my rack, actually.

I’m trying to get the joke in that picture…

I’m not minding my BR-R550’s. They definitely get the job done, if in a somewhat meh looking and expensive way.

^^^ it seemed funny while i was riding in in the rain this AM. just type LOL or something.