Velocity A23 rim updated

Tubeless ready. Red Veloplugs still fit.

nice, seen an offset one yet?

last couple i built up, their QC was way up. no chunks of shit in the rim, holes finished nicely

I thought having shit in the rim was half the fun of using a velocity rim
I dig the L/R offset though, kind of interested in offset rear
got so many wheels to smang this summer

No offset yet. Without saying one is due out soon, they did confirm they are working on it. Look for more info around Interbike.

Pretty cool. Probs gonna see a lot of these at the cross racings in the fall.

Rad! Are these available in silver?

Will be.

There are talks of an offset rear. Might be announced at Interbike.

I thought offset rear was a confirmed thing.

Will upgrade once they go off-set rear.

hopefully they’re improving on the Synergy O/C rear, where a ton of them cracked at spoke holes

my 650b aerohead cracked all over the place with fairly low kms. Replacement synergy detensioned itself quick smart. Hope the a23s are better.

Does a 23 mm rim (or 24 or 26) significantly change the tire profile? Reason I ask is my fork currently accommodates a 25 mm tire on a 20 mm rim (17 mm inner), wondering if wider rims would let me accommodate a bigger tire.

Maybe I’ll cross post in DQ

it does in a visible way, but i doubt would have much impact on fork clearance. the profile change is mainly from a width perspective - think ‘U’ vs. a lightbulb.