veloway Austin TX

some jackass riding their track bike at the veloway in Austin. I made this video awhile back, I was riding the russian track bike with the gnarly 52x14 ratio…hince the hauling of ass

Edit: I almost ate it on a couple of those turns…pedals hit the ground for sure

i remember that video.

is that russian circles playing?

i’ve heard about that. i wish we had one of those…

So, it’s a wide bike path?

yeah. 3mile loop, or there about. on the south edge of town. in yuppyville.

this one is more fun to watch ... re=related

would have been better if the guy was passed by a jackass on a trackbike running 52:14.

[quote=“jim”]i remember that video.

is that russian circles playing?[/quote]

No it is “The Redneck Manifesto” they’re from Dublin and fuckin badass!!! Although Russian circles would have been a good band to put in there

ha! i knew i recognized it from somewhere. i didn’t know those guys were from dublin though. interesting.