VO model 6 saddle

I just got my VO saddle in Saturday. Very nice saddle for $75. Shipping was quick too.


That’s fuckin awesome! I want one. I really like VO’s style.

that’s an excellent price. let us know what you think when you get some miles in on it.

i’ve been eyeing those for awhile. they look nice and are i nice change from the brooks band wagon

Thats making me feel stupid for spending like $225 on a Brooks Swallow…

yes your stupid and you should hate yourself

nice. please update us when you get some good use in. also, as it is racing style, it is probably meant for a more aggressive position (ie. seat to bar drop)…no? if that’s the case, i would eventually pick one up as i’m not a big fan of brooks when there is much of a seat to bar drop.

I’ll follow up once it breaks in a bit. I rode about 12 miles Sunday and it felt good. I like the narrow width. The position I ride is more upright, with the seat barely above my hand placement on the bars (risers).

I will add this is not a light saddle by any means. If you’re counting the grams, you may want to consider something else.

Oh wtf, I made a thread about buying this a while ago and every one was all “nooo don’t be a gunea pig for this stuff. it probably sucks” so i canceled my order. Fuck.

that’s what you get for listening to the internet.

But lurk they had a problem with the generation you ordered, so you did the right thing.

Where the fuck is the hairy model?
I want a furry saddle so bad but the brooks is way to 'spesive.

Oh…right you you are. Still though.