Vuelta thread (w/ spoilers)

Anyone here watching?

as promised

ethics, GTFO.

Yes, I’m watching. Interested to see if Vino really supports Horner for the overall. Interested to see how well Horner recovers from his asthma diagnosis. Ivan Basso gets to ride this grand tour, one wonders how he’ll do. However, I’m guessing that if Andy Schleck retained any of his tdf form, he’ll dominate.

I find it amusing that the most viewed story on Velo News isn’t about the Vuelta, but about Lance’s group ride in Dublin. The exciting story is that a number of guys got gapped in a split, today.

There will be fireworks…

and how can you not mention el bala verde?

<3 Andy Schleck

Time trial on Saturday, first big mountain stage on Sunday. I doubt things will get interesting until then.

WTF, the dipshits at Charter Comm decided to feed in a Spanish channel instead of Universal Sports. I called them and they said it may take a day to correct. I DVR’d Stage 3 and it was some old Mexican cowboy movie. Not cool…

The Redneck is done:

What the fuck.

I thought my man Gilbert might have been able to pull it off today. Oh well.

Anyone see that climb yesterday that hit 20%? Insane!




I’m going to guess this he’s getting the stage win. Fuck, he’s intense.

Valverde = yawn

valverde ≠ yawn

Yeah. He doesn’t really have to do shit but respond and he has done that. He brought a hell of a team.

It’s not like the GC is the only interesting part anyway. The race as a whole has been pretty badass.

I’ll admit it’s not a very exciting race. But it’s had some amazing efforts. Boom the other day was incredible. And Griepel’s sprint yesterday was awesome. I’ve been pretty into Columbia Highroad’s(HTC whatever) efforts this season.

Anyway, these flats stages are boring as shit but the sprints make it all worth it.

Yeah, there have been some gems. Anthony Roux pulling off the win the breakaway today! I tried to find video, but he totally sprayed the podium girls with champagne, funny as hell.