Want to work for Serotta?

Serotta Competition Bicycles (jared@serotta.com) in Saratoga Springs, NY, USA, Serotta is looking for a talented and hard working individual to fill a opening in the paint department. The ideal candidate has experience in some or all of the following: paint preparation, masking, spraying color, decaling and clear coating. Being a team player and attention to detail are also prerequisites.
Please send cover letter and resume to jared@serotta.com

Submitted on Monday, October 26, 2009 at 11:25:08 PDT.


Saratoga Springs is a surprisingly awesome small town, FWIW.

so live in an awesome place and have an awesome job painting awesome bikes. i don’t see how that could get any better.

Ahhhhhh, just signed a lease!

IF posted a similar position recently, and then later added some details such as, “This job really sucks; pays barely enough to survive in the area around us, you will frequently find blasting medium in every crevice of your body for days after work, you will work unreasonable and difficult hours, BUT you get to work for IF and will probably eventually learn to build frames!”

saratoga sucks major balls atmo


sucks that i don’t live there because i have a good amount of finishing experience!