WANTED: one or two very small hybrid or road bikes

My sister’s kiddos have started riding more and doing kids triathlons. They have heavy full-suspension walmart bikes, on which the older kiddo rode 6 miles(!), after first doing a swim and then running 2 miles after. UGH.

So I’m looking for one or two very small pavement bikes or mostly-complete bikes that I can finish off. 48-52cm frame size, rigid. Road, hybrid, even reasonably light aluminum 26er framesets might work for this.

I’m headed to Olympia, WA to help a friend move, so ideally I could pick these up somewhere between Bend and there, or possibly up into Tacoma or Seattle if needed.

Edit budget is very tight, she’s trying to stay under $150 per bike(I am sponsoring shipping from here to Omaha), but I have most parts to finish them off.


I’ve got something for you I think. I’ll get back to you on the deets.

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One down! Picking this up on the weekend.


Haha I was about to share that with you!

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wow that’s a great deal. have used bike futures finally crashed?

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I think I was just fast on the trigger, and it was the dudes daughter’s bike he’s just cleaning out. Look at that lawn and the mini windmill lawn ornaments, I don’t think he really needs the money.

Also has this for sale, I’m unfamiliar with the brand, but if it had fender eyelets (and decent-looking tubes) I’d be sorely tempted.

NGL I want some FB-in-training to make 2 very small 650b road bikes out of the spent tubes from failed bigger bikes

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So I have a very small specialized globe of some sort from when a homeless encampment got cleaned out a couple years ago. I checked all the indexes when I picked it out of the bushes and didn’t turn up anything. No shop sticker never found the owner. So it’s just been sitting under my garage awning for a couple years so it’s probably mostly junk but it’s been mostly sheltered. It’s just completely covered in morning glory right now so I’d have to dig it out again to see what’s up.


Oooh, that could be good. No need to dig too much if you can tell me frame size, rigid fork, wheels fairly true?

i could possibly help with shipping?

edit: bored at work, here’s a flood:

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Thanks I’ll let you know if I need an assist!

So it’s an XS specialized Globe Work 01 from not sure how long ago. Wheels are relatively true.

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Two bikes acquired, thanks for looking out y’all!
Got that Trek 7.6FX from Olympia, and a similar but slightly downspec Trek 7300 for $50 here locally.