we are the partyfoul kids


…does the youtube deal work? here’s the link


That’s the best thing i’ve ever seen.


(I bet you didn’t put the minus sign at the beginning of the code into the youtube tags)

only because it’s a total satire and there’s truth to half the shit they say, it’s pretty funny

i love the west coast beat that comes in around 2:00 …and the dude at 2:27’s got MAD FLOW hahah

i need the minus sign? i looked at what it said to put in there when you put your curser over “youtube” and it was just a bunch of numbers. thanks!

Thats the best /worst thing ive seen all day

“stupid asian girl stuck in first gear…”


didnt know ron howard could rap

“Hey check out this sorta cool wheelie”

im not even sure what to say

yeah totally worthless until 2 minutes in. then totally worth it.

I am so hapy i watched that…

Funny, reminds me of this

^^ my eyes and ears are bleeding…

http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fu ... d=27827471

old im sure but check out “I’m feeling wheelie cranky”

Why do you have pictures of minivans in your signature? :colbert:

I have a serious soft spot for this song and video for obvious reasons. I downloaded the album out of curiosity and it’s pretty fucking funny all-around.