Weird Build Dithering Thread Infinity: Part 2

I was thinking maybe a front derailleur clamp for braze-on danglers might be available in a large enough size. Or perhaps hack and old DX band-,clamp type FD.

The proliferation of 35mm bars means there are now more options for clamps and mounts in that larger size too.

Edit also the clamp-on housing stops or clamp-on FD pulley for CX bikes may provide mount options?


really smart idears, I will look into this. thanks!

The stem is 34mm in my verniers.
Im thinking, paperclip in the clamp bolt and maybe a dinger in the pulley mount

This would also work DMR Hinged Clamp | Chain Reaction



It totally works! The derailleur clamp is um ugly but super solid. I fixed the line to be straight, it’s actually an improvement now because my rack caused the old canti hanger to be a bit off parallel. All in all the cheapest way to explore lower stack without drilling. Thanks @jimmythefly


What to do for the brakes on my lock-up DGAF 2x1 beater-bike. Planning to replace SID with steel fork.

98 SID or Kona P2 fork
Hydro or cable
OEM hydro, Avid or XTR cable

If I go disc my wheels lose their matchyness.
Currently favouring Avid or XTR with vees.


Keeping that wheelset together is very much worth it to have vees (unless you want/need discs due to rain/crud etc.)


Yeah. I says it’s a crappy weather bike, but I’d rather keep the vees. Will keep it a bit lighter too.

v brakes rule


I actually really like the feel of vees.


Only bad thing about V brakes is they’re less pretty than cantis. Work great, easy to set up, cheap.

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I feel like there wasnt enough time for them to become fully entrenched, before they were replaced by discs.

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direct mount road calipers hold that award in the highest esteem atmo. the pair of dm dura ace rim brakes i touched (on a dry day, after touching them at the bike shop before returning to customer) were some of the best brakes i have ever felt


not even a full model year, but whatevs, disc is just categorically better on several fronts



Gawdang this feels amazing. No more squish. Probably rides a bit higher too. Very weird, canti bosses were about 1 cm higher than on the SID.


What kind of hardware did you use to increase the A2C on that fork?

Nothing. That’s how it came.

What no ew those pokes

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Pokes are fine, the right hand front brake is throwing me off though

I have never really ridden it much with those pokes, it’s been on loan for a very long time. It’s just a beater bike now. But anecdotally, I used to know a guy who timetrialed on the 700 version of them and he was very fast. I suspect they are quite aero. I can’t find that fork in Google. But that’s how it came . @dotMR