Wesco highliners for the boot nerds

I know there’s some Wesco nerds around here so I thought I’d see if there’s any interest. I have a pair of highliners and unfortunately they’re just a tiny bit too small. Size 11 EE. These boots are really fucking nice so I’m bummed they won’t work for me. I’m in the process of getting them cleaned and oiled up and will have photos soon. I’d like to get $300 for them then plan on throwing that at a pair of customs.
Made in 2008 so they’re stamped with a pretty cool 90 year anniversary logo
16” tall measured from the floor

Not even close to my size, but my Wescos are R-A-D.

i sold my wescos and my white’s last summer as i hadn’t worn either in a berry long time

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They always start off too small. You have to earn the fit.

Nah they’re legit too small. I considered sending them to Wesco for alterations but with everything I’d actually want in a boot it just makes more sense to sell these and go custom

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Those are nice and I need safety toes so

You gonna bill for your time spent lacing them up?

If it ain’t billable I ain’t doing it. Hire me zaddy.

I don’t think we have any openings right now but I’ll check.

Have you checked with Parametrix? They have a Bremerton office and they’re supposed to be a great spot to work for

Checked? I’ve applied!