What did you do to your crosscheck today?

I did a bad bad thing.

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It’s a feature, not a bug!

Dude. A spoke in front of the chain is never a good thing.

Nevermind. That’s the cable.
Looks fine!

Got to take the bus part way to work today courtesy of Finish Line sealant not sealing a wire puncture. Feels bad man

more like DNF Line eh?

So not exactly something I did to the bike but…

I’d decided to use the clipless sides of my SPD/platform pedals for commuting last week so I wouldn’t lose that sensation. It sucked! I always felt like I was sliding off the pedals, constantly wiggling around, clipping the chainstays with my heels etc. I was like wtf it isn’t like this when I use normal shoes on the platform side.

Experienced folks probably know where this is going but I did a couple rides on platforms and realized I was putting my feet way forward of where I had my cleats positioned for the SPDs. I slammed the cleats back on my shoes and holy crap my ride this morning was great! I feel super dumb for riding like this for so long but it would explain why I’ve usually been so ambivalent about my SPDs.

I am also a cleats-back believer. It’s the one solid piece of Lennard Zinn fit advice I can remember.

I too am a cleats all the way back kinda guy.

Oh most definitely. I am thinking of carving out the tracks on my shoes to let me put the cleats further back.

#cleatsallthewaybackfolyfe crüe up in here <3

Now that I’ve figured this out, my big question is what kind of monster slides the cleats all the way forward? I’ll bet it’s some sort of tridork thing…

SQ while we’re here, I don’t really use my road shoes at all anymore but does the same logic apply there as well?

Believe it or not one of my riding buddies found some internet garbage about moving cleats forward. He told me he likes it and I didn’t have the heart to get into it.

I try to get my cleat under the ball of my foot. Somewhere in the middle.

Am I doing this wrong?

Mine are pretty centered over pedal axles too. My cleats ended up pretty far back in slots to be there though.

Not really. Cleats behind the ball of your foot back helps a lot with mtbroing (going down with dropped heels more comfortably, maintaining better control and having more comfort) and also engaging larger muscles in your legs when hammering. You could always try and slide them back and see how it feels?

Cleat at the ball crü checking in, but have been debating moving my cleats back as well. 98% of my riding is on platforms where my foot just seems to naturally fall with the ball forward of the spindle. Riding SPDs, road or mtn, with the cleats there feels pretty weird now.

This is how I first got into sliding the cleats back. I just realized where it felt natural to put my feet and tried to put my cleats there.

I have them 2/3 back. Or right behind the ball of my foot. This was advice given to me to help with seated climbing.

Well this is scary. Just put that sealant in my mtb with some new tires and was going to use it for my Horizons. Guess we shall wait and see how it does.

Did it seal up eventually?

Replaced the ebike’s TRP 4-pot brakes with $32 Shimano jawns (rather than buy new pads and bleed the TRPs). Even with the comically long hoses, the BR-M395/6 work great. If I convert the Vaya to Jones bars I may not even bother buying anything costlier than the 395/6s.