What do you remember about the party foul scene when you started?

I started riding fixed in the summer of 2006. Things I remember:
-Brooks saddles were a trend. I remember actually seeing a lot of them on track bikes.
-Top tube pads were not yet taboo. Seeing them around town and on the interwebz was more of the norm than the exception.
-Colored Deep V’s, at least in Portland, were not yet played out.
-The NJS thing was still going strong/not quite yet at it’s peak/downfall. Stratton was selling his NJS frames off his Myspace page and was the main source IIRC. You could still get frames in the $400 range without that much effort.
-Seems like there was more of a “steel is real”/dislike of aluminum then compared to how it is now. Same with threaded vs. threadless.
-Saddle to bar drop being 1 ft. was not at all frowned upon by the majority of interweb commentators.
-The whole tricks scene was barely a blip on the radar. It seemed like just a few people doing it in San Francisco.
-Searching “fixed gear” on youtube mostly just brought up this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5mxMOGLiRw), this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H63FivObTLM), the MASH trailer and some Lucas Brunelle videos.
-Alleycats in Portland actually consisted of the majority of racers being messengers. Throwing an alleycat as a non-messenger was near taboo. Not so anymore.
-BSNYC did not exist. Trackosaurusrex did. Dutret was in his prime.
-John Prolly did not ride.

So, when did you start and what do you remember about it?

You about summed it up for me, although in order to cement my OG status, I must say that this was when I became aware that people were talking about fixed gears on the internet, because I had been riding a Fuji conversion as a winter trainer for a while prior. I was even tangentially aware of fixed gear “culture” because of my involvement in punk rock, but the only people who rode bikes at all (much less fixed gears) in my city at the time were roadies, so I didn’t see a strong connection initially. The velodrome here wasn’t even rideable again until 2003.

I bought my red Bridgestone from Stratton in ~2005, with Sugino 75 cranks and bottom bracket and Nitto B123 handlebars for $300 shipped on eBay. The cranks and handlebars were thrown in as incentives to buy the bike, since I guess it had been sitting forever.

Prolly has been riding for five years. IT’S IN THE NEW YORK TIMES MAN.

I just knew that beginner track bikes were cheap and barspins be cool

Fuck, I forgot I’ve been riding since before BSNYC and Prollypaganda.

summer of 2004, the only other person in town who rode fixed according to local shops was a roadie who used one for training, we both had steamrollers.

By “in town,” do you mean Portland? Or somewhere else you lived before that?

I put my first conversion together spring 2007. I rarely saw anyone riding fixed around Cleveland, but that summer in Boston I met so many kids with nice track bikes. Met one guy with a ghosted out IRO with white tires, that kind of blew my mind (I was riding a shitty and ugly Panasonic conversion that didn’t fit me). Lots of girls rode around on black and pink track bikes with risers. When I got back to Cleveland I put together my Leader, and while I met some fixed gear riders at bike polo I was definitely the minority by having a track frame. I felt like kind of a tool, the only other people with nice bikes had road bikes (by nice I just mean not thrifted).

This summer has been a huge boom for fixed gear in Cleveland, tons of people riding very nice bikes. We even have our own local framebuilder, Cicli Polito. It’s very diverse though, whereas in Boston there were enough bikes around to see trends grow and pass.

august 07. just about the only bike at all on my campus in (suburban) philly. rode around manayunk, germantown, center city, wherever. had brak, never really learned how to skid. had a SICK AWESOME ALPHA MERCURY.

i dunno, in portland i was back on a late 80s trek road bike. saved up for a kilo TT. for a day or two i used untaped b123s, thought those were cool.

I did not know the scene.

I knew fixed riding from track riding since I was a teen in the 90s, but that was it. I still don’t have a fixed bike, nor do I really plan on getting one anytime soon. I was thinking about a 29 in mtb single speed the other day.

It is good more people are riding, that is one thing to say. I just wish it was less douchey.

That reminds me of another - seeing a lot more steel B123’s. Now I don’t even see them at the track.

I think the B123s thing falls into the “NJS obsession” category, which peaked around 2007. You were (are?) quite a strong proponent of their merits, as I recall.

I didn’t know how to ride a bike until February 2008; I think this is explanation enough. Party foul hipness made me want to pick it up. I quickly outgrew it, ravenously devoured bike info online so I knew more than dumb hipstarz, and a year later I sold my Kilo for a road bike.

NJS deal was big in 2007.


I switched from 123 over to B125AA’s on the Alien to better match the position I got fitted on on the Concept. Wouldn’t go back. I’ve thought about why I still like them/ride them, even with a perfectly good pair of bullhorns sitting untouched in my parts stash (and risers, for that matter).
-As anyone who has seen me ride can probably attest, I actually use that whole damn bar. Drops, tops, shoulders, every time I’m riding.
-On the tops I don’t really grip next to the stem but further out into the curve with pink resting on the underside of the bar just like my thumb. Feels good man. I always rode the shoulders of bullhorns the same way. On the tops of my road drops I usually keep the end of hands near the top curve as well.
-With the way the drops are tilted upwards, the invisi-hood area rests at a near-horizontal angle and therefore feels fine for resting hands on.
-I guess working upper body/core/flexibility means I can find comfort in places where other people don’t. I usually keep my upper body relaxed as hell on the Alien anyway and not a whole lot of weight is resting on my arms/hands. My arms are bent as hell in the drops or shoulders and slightly bent on the tops.
-The more time I can spend riding in the same position I’m in on the track, the better. I think it’s an understated advantage to be able to exercise that position just riding around town, e.g. mundane things like riding from a stop at a light in the drops become an exercise in standing start technique.

I actually did a couple 30-40 mile road rides on that bike as well. Not gonna lie, they sucked. Nitto Noodles would likely make way more sense, but they’d probably also keep me on the tops. But then again how I position hands on a road ride is far different than how I do in the city, and city jaunts are rarely ever more than 5 miles in a single sitting for me.

Okay, that’s the last damn post I’ll make justifying those bars. Majority of the people riding them on the street death grip them near the stem/are doing it wrong.

Oh, they also look good :bear:

I used to ride 42cm short n shallow drops for awhile. I fucking loved them. Now I have brake hoods on them

I had a janky single speed Centurion in 2004-5 that I rode around for fun. Built a janky fixed gear Peugeot when I sold my car in 2006.

I mostly remember info being hard to find outside of sheldonbrown.com or BFSSFG.

i lived in Japan. Trackbikes were for the velodrome, or riding around the riverside cycling roads to train on. Most of the guys on them wore the dorky keirin helmets because they were real keirin riders.

I thought they were cool, but kinda silly.
I still feel the same way.

I’ve always been a road bike/ MTB guy, but I finally broke down and bought one to try out. It’s fun. It’s hard.

I remember trackatino’s BF post about how he loved dropping roadies… :stuck_out_tongue:

In the 90s in Brooklyn, my college roommate had messed freshman year, and got hit pretty bad and quit. But he still had bikes around. I remember he ordered some American Classic hubs that were super baller that he never built up. He had a stripped GTB and a a mint Bob Jackson or something. Something ornately lugged and English.

There were some other girls at college who were friends with messengers. They were straight edge and into hardcore too, and I was definitely not. I think one of them was in a book that came out late90s/early00s-ish about NYC messenger style. This one maybe? idk

Early 2000s, still in new york. GF’s friend was dating a messenger dude. He gave me a shitload of Stackers (shitty fake speed) one time cos he’d been doing too much. She went on on to date some dude in that Black Label bike crew thing and I heard they were all doing heroin at that time. Seemed like a dark scene. Jousting was real big.

I did not ride bikes at this time. I spent all of my money on beer and weed and coke and drugs.

Then I moved out of new york and started picking up bikes at thrift stores and discovered Sheldon Brown when I had to deal with 3 speeds. Then BF. IROs were a big deal then because they were one of the few (only?) cheap frame-onlys you could buy. Was bikesdirect around then?

I moved to Austin in 2005 and found Yellowbike, the co-op. That was where I saw real bike culture/fixed gear scene. I rode a IGH conversion. I saw a lot of suicide hubs at first, with BB lockrings locktited or JB welded on. Nobody bought track hubs. I don’t think super cheap ones were available then? I never saw 'em. Eventually it was SO many kids coming in and hacking off braze-ons/ derailleur hangers. I met the truckbros and went on 6-pack tours. I had gears; they did not yet have guchi’s.

back in 04 when i was first getting into riding road and mountain bikes and going to the lbs all the time, a few people who worked there rode fixed. i thought “why the hell would they do that?” Eventually i was sort of convinced it was cool because i had a frame to convert but it ended up being way too small. i think i gave it away and just continued riding my mountain and road bikes.

in 07 i went on a trip with a kid who was into bikes and told me about riding fixed in boston, and how they rode brakeless and wore messenger bags. i thought “why the hell would they do that?”

in 08 i started riding a lot again and wanted a new bike and bought my mercier. i knew of 1 or 2 other people that rode in town.

and in 09 theres still no party foul scene yet here