what frame is this

not for me, someone i know in denver might get this for 50 bucks

no idea what the frame is, and the cl listing is removed. and that’s the only picture really.

i want to say it looks like a motobecane/fuji because of the rear dropout shape and the braze-ons, but the rack mount on the fork and possibly a bigger bottom bracket is a give away that it’s probably a SE Draft.

I’m pretty sure this is one of those cheap-o eBay frames that pop up whenever you search for “track,” now. It’s nothing special, but probably worth $50.

Didnt BD do a run of single speed frames a while ago with mounts and clearance for fenders and racks and all that good shit?

on bfssfg, someone from BD said that they try to put rack mounts/etc on all their frames for versatility. when you check out images of the closest BD frame, the Motobecane Messenger, to the one in the op, the only similarities are the cable guides and probably the drop outs. the unicrown fork and the guides sets this in the motobecane messenger/se draft/lager/fuji track territory. I’m pretty sure only the more recent fuji tracks had cable guides but the recent motobecane messengers do not have rack mounts on the fork.

at best this frame is the generic messenger/lager/fuji frame. at worst it’s the se draft. it’s really hard to tell from the terrible picture but I’m still leaning with the SE Draft based on the threadless steerer and probable size of the bottom bracket (but who would part out such a bike?).

It has track ends. That means you should be able to flip it for more than $50 to someone out there no matter what garbage it is.

Fuji’s don’t have brazeons