What is going on with these Ofmega pedals?

I can’t find any clips for these. Are they not worth $5? They’re 25 years old but apparently never used. I need help deciding/information.

Kinda looks like…

it is a clip.

You mean the color deal?
It means the plastic is stretching i think.

they’ll probably use a clip like the campy C-record aero pedals. Which haven’t been made for 25 years.

They look kinda cheap with all the plastic. I say get them if you like the way they look but with the knowledge that there’s a 98% chance you’ll never find clips for them.

They look pretty bunk to me. Plastic pedals don’t appreciate pedal strike very much.

The black part isn’t aluminum?

Thanks for the tip TimArchy. I’ll probably just pass on that note.

maybe you can jerry rig these on there?

maybe you could dremel that central slot out a little. Is the body plastic or alu? If the black part was aluminum instead of plastic I’d buy it for $5.

Not really worth the trouble.

Those campy clips are not too hard to find online. I have the campy pedals they were made for, and one of the clips broke. I found them on ebay but haven’t gotten around to ordering yet. I still wouldn’t buy plastic pedals though.

just use some ducktape, good as brand spankin new

It’s ok I’m not getting them.

I am getting a Flite and Poco drops though. :stuck_out_tongue:

they look like aluminum to me.

Blicks I have a brand new pair of those campy clips lying around somewhere! I am too late.

good luck finding clips

those look like the old Sugino 75 road pedals, a pair of which i have in a box somewhere.