What should I do with my Crosscheck?

It’s fixed now but I think I want gears.
I think I’ll do a 1x9 thing.
I think I will.

1x9 sounds perfect.
I think you would be hapy with any kind of shifter, but brifter would probably be your best choice.

Do you have ritchey drops or something that can split apart to get that MTB shifter on there? If not it seems like more trouble than it’s worth. How much is one brifter worth?

A downtube shifter would be the easiest and cheapest. I would consider adding it to your list.

Of the options, I would probably go with the barcon.

Yeah, the trigger shifter wouldn’t work unless you used a flat bar or something. You could go all “GMC Dinali” and cut the bar in half install the shifter and weld it back together (note: do not do this).

If you don’t mind friction shifting, you can probably do the downtube shifter for free.

I have some specialized ergo drops that I got for free. I think I could slip the triggers around, but who knows.
I also kinda want to upgrade my MTB drivetrain with the 9speed stuff I’ve got, but then I’d need to get a new crankset…

…it never ends.

It really doesn’t.


I set my 1x9 up with a downtube shifter because that’s all I have ever been used to since being a kid back in the stone age before brifters even existed. I got Dura Ace ones for about a 1/5 of the price of a brifter and as on most rides I only ever shift one or two gears it’s all I need. Besides I kinda like my brake levers to do one thing only and that’s stop!!

I have an old 8-speed wheel that I was going to pair with a downtube shifter to switch out if I wanted gears. Just bolt the derailleur and shifter on, swap wheels and you’re in business.

nashbar (or performance) has ultegra brifters for 129$ or something right now for triple. since you’re going to run a 1x9 (or 10) you won’t be shifting w/ the left one anyway…

Thanks for the advice, fuckers.
I’m going with a barcon.

You can mount SRAM trigger shifters on the top of drops with this:

http://www.jensonusa.com/store/product/ ... px?sc=FRGL http://www.sram.com/en/srammountain/tec ... matchmaker

I’ve thought about doing it some day.

Thanks nitro, I thought about that thing, and while I like the idea of mixing road and mountain on the Xcheck, I think I’ll stick with Mr. Barcon.

Good choice, they’re great. The simplicity to functionality ratio is rediculous. If you’re wondering, i would say that indexing is no big deal… I have it but never use it.

New question: should i tarck out my crosscheck with purple shift and brake housing? I’m somewhat serious.

Not that old workhorse.

Yes you should!

Damn I was wondering how to class up my LHT in the housing department (I despise black components) and had been looking for that dia compe clear housing. Can’t find that so It’s gonna have to be honey, purple, or yellow. Not gonna switch it up till it’s time to replace the housing though. Purple water bottle cage on my trucker is the tarckness.
I would go with downtube friction rusty. easiest to install and uninstall if you want to ride fixed again, too.

Yes! It’s time for the dork/ utility/ commuter cyclists to take over tarck.

Neon green cycling jackets? Bright yellow fenders? They’ve been doing it for years. I just want a little hint of the tarck. I think i’m gonna screenprint tarckbear on my ortliebs right on the logo.

Awesome! I’m all over this!
Quick! To the utility bike tread!!!