What the I don't even

What is going on in here?

gentleman’s joust?

moar liek gentleman’s foot-dab

Looks fun.

I hope white-pants has a chain guard.

If expensive jeans turn your expensive white saddle blue, will expensive white pants turn your expensive blue saddle white?

James bond vs oddjob circa 1924?

oops double post

allow me to dispense you of those pesky brake cables!


Tweed as fuck.

1920’s bike kill.

“I say ol’ chap, you’ve earned yourself an umbrella in the spokes for that remark!”

theyre goin for each others junk, right?

they’re doing what half of you guys do when you’re around each other, ride things and touch each other.

tarck gay club

this guy right here. I looked through all your posts dude, you’re a jackass.

(see avatar for more info)