What to do with user "Tarck Bear"

Is this user guilty of blasphemy!?

I just made this poll in Off Topic.

Yes. Permaban please.


It’s just a slap in the face to everyone who works here.

gotta ban.

kill him.

I think it’s clear that he must be dealt with.

Ban! :bear:

Ban the blasphemer!

All hail the high and mighty will of :bear:

I like the idea of changing his name to “The Vile Pretender”.

I’m going to take Tarck Bear out for an ice cream cone tonight. He is a swell fella.

lynch him.


Also, the other thread is better.

My thoughts, exactly. This one sucks. :colbert:

Ban him. He could always re-register under a different username, but banning him sends a message.

I’ll get my rope.

I like massages… Can I get mine with a happy ending, please?


Actually, I’d prefer she were attractive. Tarck bear likes classy bitches with style.