What's a fair price for a used 1967 Paramount frame/fork/HS?

Bike is used, in decent condition. Looking to offer a fair price. What would this be worth?

track or road?


really depends on the condition. If it were mine i would not let it go for less then 500 usd but i would probably want more than that.

I saw one that was perfect go for almost 1500 like a year ago on ebay. I don’t remember the exact year but it was in that range. I think it had a crank on it too.

I love old Schwinns, I miss my '86 Madison soooo much and thats not even close to as nice as a paramount.

What color? Chrome or orange or white? What size?


oh shit he’s back.

Theres one here for 8hundo

your new avatar makes me think you’re alright.