What's going on here?

I don’t know if it’s the angle or the lack of perspective or just simply my stupidity, but this thing is blowing my mind right now


that has no right to exist


Looks like 36" wheels?
I can’t imagine what kind of conditions that bike would be well suited for. Still pretty cool, though. Especially the fork/stem reinforcement.

A whole lotta stoopid.

bicycle? im not sure

It’s a bobble-head bike!

I would drive the hell out of that monster donk

I think it’s strangely beautiful.
I’d put gears on it though.

the only other one of these ive seen is in this blog: http://twentynineinches.com/2007/02/18/36-inch-wheels-the-next-big-thing-update/

has gears.

googled Pofahl and found this:

http://milltowncycles.blogspot.com/2008 ... paint.html

more angles and stuff. and gears!


the stem/bar combo looks pretty interesting on the one in this thread. wonder if its even hard to push with that 22:22 (or something like that) ratio.

Kill it with fire.

There’s really two ways to look at this and so far, I’ve only read one; “stupid idea”. The other way to look at it is that it’s a remarkable proof of concept. Yes, it’s impractical for the majority of trails and riders. That consensus has already been met, even by 36er followers. But man, you gotta give some credit to those willing to think outside the confines of our little bike box/world, even if that initial concepts are extremely stupid looking or impractical. The thing is, creations like this drive next generation bike technology. I’m not saying that the next generation will be 36" wheels, but maybe more adjustable, but effective stem designs, front fork trussing that saves a small amount of weight, but adds a tremendous amount strength and rigidity, commercially available standard BCD chainrings that fall into the 24T-30T gray area (I have a big use for this right now), or dual disc hubs (something I’d love to see adopted by mountain bike hub, fork, and brake companies). The point is that this iteration might be ridiculous looking or completely impractical, but there might be qualities or design points that others companies can use as springboard for the next generation of cycling stuff.

With that said, there’s another 36er floating around with a custom machined dual disk front hub. The dude successfully pulled off dual disks that actually work well. Here’s the bike I’m referring to. I can’t find the original pics of it that show the braking setup.

EDIT: There they are…

That fork is amazing and terrifying. Dual disks!

Here’s the crazy stem setup:

edit: i suck at posting images too

Don’t forget eccentric bottom brackets. They’re kind of the next big thing for singlespeed/fixed, after bolt on cogs and whatnot.

Unfortunately, I don’t think that they’ll take off, at least not in the road market. The biggest deal maker/deal breaker for most people seems to be whether or not their bike is a pseudo-track bike, i.e. a road bike with track ends. I’d love to see it on a regular road bike, so that running it SS/fixed would be a much simpler process, but I don’t see that happening, either.

Eccentric bottom brackets are doing quite well in the mountain bike world since generic, replaceable dérailleur hangers are common place.

Replaceable derailleur hangers have saved me the price of a new frame time and time again.