what's the best bike part or accessory you've ever used?

i love my yellow joeblow airpump.

surly chain tensioner
phil wood hub survived an accident

right now I’m in love with my Endura Air Defence jacket.

my eai cogs
my phil hubs
cat eye bar tape (I love it SO much)

oh yeah chrome bag

in order:

brooks b-17: On my fixed the saddle to bar drop made this thing blow. I thought it was kinda overrated until I took it touring. I didn’t wear a chamois the entire tour and was in better shape than everyone else by the end. This also had to do with my upright riding position.

Bell Alchera: it’s a helmet. It’s adjustable and it fits my head. It doesn’t look half bad, so I actually wear it. Plus rusty has one so we’re totally bros4lyfe.

Planet Bike Superflash: twenty bucks is well fucking worth the cost of this light. It’s bright and has a nice flash pattern.

Ortlieb panniers: Getting cheaper and cheaper at wiggle.co.uk. These things work great.

oh shit, bold.
you can read my threads even though you have me cockblocked?


i also enjoyed my b-17 for the 2 days it was on my madison before i crashed it.
even right out of the box, it was the most comfy saddle i ever tried.
i’m just scared to drop that kind of bread on another one.
especially since it’s going on a $100 frame.

Demolition team grips, they last forever.

Cane Creek Volos wheels.

Syntace Stratos bullhorns.

EAI cogs.

IRO BB + IRO cranks or Shimano 105/600 road double cranks.

Baileyworks 253 Courier bag.

Nitto B115s
Cane Creek SCR-5 levers
Salsa cromo stems
Thomson posts
Flite saddles
Sugino 75s
The Shimano 737 SPDs I got for $5 that look like hell but work flawlessly
Deda carbon-look bar tape (looks a little silly, works really well)
SKS fenders
CETMA rack
Ortleib bags
Silca Pista floor pump
Boeshield T9
Sidi Dominators
swrve Milwaukee hoodie
Descente bibs
Smartwool socks

tarckee, i have a chance to get a thomson for $30.

what makes them so rad?

NiteRider TriNewt I love this thing.
sram XO rear derailleur
T-serv tires

smartwool socks
Jandd extreme front rack
swrve knickers
chrome bag

morph pump

pake nylon straps

Road Morph
XT front hubs
Nitto Noodles
Merino baselayer
Cane Creek SCR-5s

+1 for XT hubs, and noddle bars. Both are awesome.

hell yeah

thomson stem
bontrager saddles (i like)

Cinelli Campione del Monde bars- comfy

Selle Italia Flite- I swear they must have travelled forward in time and taken a mold of my ass/taint when they designed this saddle

Dura-ace 7400 shifters/derailleurs- they are old and used when I got them, but they still shift crisply.

Dura-ace 7700 crankset- Really light, looks awesome

Cane Creek TT brake lever- I like the shape and the snappiness of the lever

Profile Stoker bullhorns- No drop

Shimano 600 hubs- I’ve had both 7 speed freewheel and 8 speed cassette versions and they are awesome, very well sealed and pretty too.

Mavic MA-40’s- They’re burly and I’m a sucker for the dark anodized box section look.

Old Gipiemme track ring- roundest ring I ever used. Too bad I ruined the taper on my 144 bcd Sugino track cranks :frowning:

SIDI shoes
Fizik Arione
Pro Race 3s