Wheel chat

Begin wheel thrad

Need a 32 hole 700c rim brake rim
Anything other than a DT Swiss rim worth considering?

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Does tarck still like H+SON?

I do.

In no particular order

Boyd Altamont (regular and lite) (also available in coated brake track)
Pacenti Forza (fixed old issues and with offset rear rim)
Easton R90SL

I do.

I’m sure there are more technicaly competent rims but h+son sure is pretty.

That rim definitely gets the job done. Also, it’s not tubeless so tire mounting doesn’t require any skill.

Hed Belgium is still great… but $150 these days.

DT is pretty great for 23-25mm tires. RR411 is light and comes in asym version for rear wheels.

Man there are some awesome deals on Nextie pairs in the ebay Nextie store. U want carbon rims for $200 a pair?

(too bad/thank GOD they don’t have the width I want)

Less wheel chat but as a newbie to thru axle I was quite annoyed that my lever position was so shitty sticking right out the bottom like an extension of the fork blade. I’m a big dumb dumb. Didn’t realize you can pull out the lever portion and readjust it.

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Yep, done the same… eventually got the PMW TA skewers, since I always have a 6mm wrench with anyway :man_shrugging:

Experience with Bitex? Building sup a new wheelset for her cross bike with the Bitex 201FG front and MTR rear laced to DT R 470s. This will be her second season and she’s a pretty rough rider… seems like its hard to go wrong with this combo though?

Bitex in general are pretty good value. Might need more frequent attention in bad conditions, but don’t they all

Relevant to my interests. Thanks ergott!

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The wheels stay true if you let them watch rad.

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That is one bad ass truing stand :tarckbear:

So do you like the new stand so far?

I’ve found that the Bitex (et al) freehubs often require less maintenance than Shimano units.

Yes. It is pretty fancy. It’s easy to see if it’s centered because the arm comes off a rod on the base and you can just measure it left and right with calipers. Assuming none of the arms get bent.

There’s Robert axle for a cleaner look.

And like a dozen manufacturers make colored ano axles too.

I don’t know how I didn’t know this. My bike does needs more purple.