Wheelz and shit

Ok, so I’ve got a really nice set of yellow deep Vs laced to black phil woods. I got a great deal on them and they’ve worked really well for the riding I do. However, I’m moving to NYC in August and bringing my bike. As tough as the wheels are, they are really flashy, well known brands, and therefore a big theft target. I’d like to sell them and downgrade so I won’t have such an obviously tarcked out bike. I want to go stealth tarck.

I’m looking for suggestions for wheels that are similarly tough (not boat anchors, but I’m not racing either), but less flashy and substantially cheaper. I’m guessing formula hubs, but what kind of rims would you guys go with? I’ll probably be able to sell these for $350-$500 depending on the craigslist prices, so thats my price range for the new ones.