Where do the majority of your miles come from?

I’m about to head out for a nice day of riding…around 60 miles, a picnic, taking pictures…the kind of day you wish you could have on the bike all the time. I was thinking though that most of my miles come from commuting…which sucks. So where do the majority of your miles come from?

where is the option for your mom?

j/k mine is commuting except i dont have a job i just ride into town to hang out

Commuting, without a doubt. I am though going on a ride this morning, which should be nice.

mostly commuting to work/school. weekends i ride to ride, and we have a few weeknight rides. but i’m also car free so factor that in how you wish.

riding my bike i guess

my commute is only about 3 miles a day so i picked “set rides” even though most of my miles come from aimless riding from one place to another every day

How about “work”?

A good chunk for me comes from randomly deciding I don’t want to go home/to the store/library/wherever right away and riding around for an hour or two instead. So I suppose commuting, but taking the really long route.

Commuting, I don’t always go straight to work/home when I need to get some miles in.

aimless riding in my free time

and drunk riding

commuting. aimless riding. 4am commuting. Drunk commuting.

Commuting, aimless riding, and tarck trickin’.

aimless riding and biking to friends houses(all of which live 40+ minutes away)

Most of my miles come from aimless riding but that usually involves occasionally wheelies, skids, and a barspin or two so I chose tarck trick sessions but thats not exactly the focus.

i don’t have a car, so my miles are all my daily routine (work, bar, store, coffee, shows, etc.).

My commute is almost exactly one mile, so “set rides” are always going to be longer than commutes.

my commute is 15.5 miles round trip. I wish I had time to ride 80 more miles a week.

Lucky you.

about a month ago i would have said “commuting” but now i said “set rides.”
at school i ride my bike everywhere to get around, but when i’m home i have to use to my car cause the distances are so great, the hills are so gnar and the other drivers are so fucking stupid.

just yesterday me and my buddy rode our bikes on the schuykill river bike trail all the way from my grandmother’s house (in valley forge) to manayunk (just outside philadelphia)… about 35 miles roundtrip. really nice ride.

i’ve been trying to hit the m.u.p. about two or three times a week just to keep some semblance of leg strength. i know when i start to have nightmares about getting on my bike and not being able to turn the cranks (which i frequently do have) that it’s time to ride. i hate being home.

I usually use my bike and rack up miles to and from school / work.