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I was thinking of using a kelly takeoff to mount the dropper lever in a place where I can actually use it.


thanks folks


Yeah, this has been the cause of death for 95% of my flaps.

I should buy a mini grommet tool

edit: Whoa, colors! http://www.eyeletoutlet.com/3roeyprsp.html
3/16" = 4.7mm = average width of a zip-tie


depends on what cable pull it needs, and it won’t have a spring return like a normal dropper lever has. worth a shot though

yeah, you’d have to run it loose enough so whatever spring is in the post can pull the lever back into place. Seems like more trouble than it’s worth if you have to manually push the lever back when you’re at the return height you want.


you’ll need to de-friction the lever

on some there’s a clutchy-disc you can remove from the assembly

on most you could use a tiny washer under the bolt so that it bottoms out on the boss (and thus the lever doesn’t actually get preloaded)


won’t it then flop around?


you only need to shim the bolt the tiniest bit for the lever to completely lose friction, and the tip of the boss is usually recessed so you won’t need an ultrathin washer or anything

also the lever is still under tension from the cable


Yeah, I really don’t want to deal with that, especially after this email from Grin:

Hey Andrew, there are no other suppliers of the TDCM BBs and you can’t get them from TDCM either anymore as they decided to discontinue this product. They told us this in January of this year when we were in discussions about paying for a custom tooled 73mm option.

At the moment, the only option for 73mm BB shells is to shave off a few mm from either side of your BB cup using a BB facing tool and then fit it with a 68mm sensor.

If you don’t want to do that, then for now yeah unfortunately basic PAS it is. We’re working to see if we can get Sempu to do a custom run of 73mm BBs for us, but can’t give any timeline since it’s still more of an if than a when. [/quote][/quote]

I wonder if most ebike manufacturers are moving to the Bosch mid-drive motors with a built in torque sensors. I guess that makes more sense than having susceptible sensors and wires in tiny bottom bracket shells.[/quote]

Yeah, I think most ebike manufacturers are looking at off the shelf pre engineered stuff, so Bosh or China with a throttle.

Some boffin will probably figure out how to use a BTLE power meter to provide torque values, but it won’t really be worth anything because a 4hz refresh on torque values isn’t really high enough, and much more than that will destroy your battery. the wired power meter is kind of the perfect solution for ebike torque sensors, especially if you can wire it into the main battery. A Shimano compatible external cup bb power meter would be pretty cool because you could use a lot of different crankset with it.


Looking at the number of Bosch/Shimano/Yamaha/other BB drive units appearing now, it seems like much development of better bolt on BB drive units is unlikely.

Is cutting and facing your BB really that hard? A careful hacksaw of ~1.5-2mm followed by file cleanup and final facing to get to 2.5mm on each side should be achievable, or if you’re rebuilding the bike do they have the ability to fit & clamp the frame on a mill?


Mid-drive has won. Hub drive is disappearing from the major makers and will probably only be on the cheapest generic Chinese shit and conversion kits within 5 years. Mid-drive a much better system; lasts longer, is more easily serviced, distributes weight better, etc. Plus the big makers (particularly Bosh and Shimano) are only mid-drive, and that’s quickly becoming the entire high quality OEM market.


so i stripped the paint off of my salsa timberlake and found a dent that has some sort of white filler stuff that was applied before the paint went on. is this normal for a manufacturer to do this on a new frame?


No, not at all. Salsa’s factory was trying to pass along a fucked-up bike.


thats what i figured. contacting salsa now. not as pubes, of course.


The problem is that stripping the paint voids the warranty, so they have the right to automatically refuse you. I’ve seen this happen a few times, actually.


yep, i figured that. but the only way i would have ever known about the dent is if i removed the paint. the dent is small as fuck. but its there.


im using the word figured too much. figures.


how did you get a Timberlake?


i just believed in myself long enough. and poof. timberlake.


youre joking
alloy kleins and cannondales all through the 90s had lots of bondo. this is VERY common.


I always thought that too, but maybe that’s not actually true… Does this fall under the same laws as electronic goods? I recently that it is actually illegal for manufacturers to do that for anything that retails over $5. Old standing, seldom enforced laws apparently…