Where's the dumb questions thread?


It’s right here:


Lazer beam jr is pretty on point. 50-56
Lazer beam MIPS starts right at 54, non MIPS version too in same size


Lol sorry about the name change


Just got one for my goddaughter. Way nicer than the BMX style helmets that I’ve been getting.


You guys need to shart in the shart thread.


I’m struggling here, would it be completely JA to 650b this and pop a kid seat on it? Wayjay probably only has one summer left of kid seat riding and the mount for the one we have won’t fit on my Tachyon (I’d just borrow parts from that to set up the Stowe). My other low cost option would be to put the seat on my SS cross bike but that doesn’t sound to thrilling. Life will be easier when he’s of sound mind enough to stoke the tandem.

edit: No I wouldn’t want to kid seat this with 700’s, the frame won’t really fit really larger than 700x25 but with a 650b has clearance for a 38mm wide tire.



Doesn’t sound like a very low cost project tho


I have all of the parts except for brakes, the bike that’s set up 650b right now is impossible to mount our Yepp kid seat on.


Wait, a 700c bike can be 650b with long reach brakes?



Yupper. Just a little worried this one might be a little aggrogeo.



I didn’t mind asking in the DQptII thread. Never really thought about it since my non of my road bikes were 650b material.


long reach as in 73mm brakes

not the traditional 57mm medium reach


of course ymmv but on the couple bikes we tried that on we found the braking power of the super long reach tektros to be lacking. just fine for a townie but far from confidence inspiring when applying even small amounts of ham.


Backed. I put R556s on a townie setup for sup and it’s a brilliant bike that brakes fit for purpose. I also put long reach centrepulls on a salsa la raza and it sucked.


But Riv says that they work as well as Shimano!!!


maybe mullet setup? 700c in front, 650b in back for cushy babby ride


LHT 26" disc fork has a a2c that’s not all that far off most road forks. clears 650x42 with room to spare. That’s what we ended up putting on bro’s soma 650 conversion. mullet life.


edit. Nevermind, thinking of 57