Which Sugino crank is this?

Spider has no tabs for inner chainring, so I’m guessing it’s a track crank. BCD is 144. Backside says “49-I”, “171” (wtf length?) or “I7I” and “M-14”. Should I go for an ISO or JIS bottom bracket?

probably ISO

edit: wait, thats 171? Gimme that, I have a matching nds arm, been looking for 171 ds arm.

It is a Sugino Mighty or maybe a Super Mighty crank arm. 171mm is the crank arm length. 49-1 is the date code and is Jan. of 1974. M14 is the pedal threads aka French threaded. No backing plate on the spider would indicate a track crankset and it would probably be ISO and use a 109mm spindle (same as current Sugino 75 track cranks).


Serious about the pedal threading? I just tried a standard 9/16" pedal on the crank and it threaded on seemingly perfectly, with no resistance. Are these semi-interchangeable? edit: I just checked Sheldon, it seems a French thread can be tapped to take standard 9/16" pedals, this seems to be the case.

No, you gimme that nds arm.

Tons of thanks for the info. I got the crank for 3 euros, figured it was something of a good deal. Now if only I had a matching nds arm for a similar price.

edit: Until I find one, will I notice the difference if I run this with a 170mm nds crank? Were these actually manufactured in 1mm increments? Whoa.

hell no!

I think they were made in 3 mm increments. I have seen 165/168/171. Probably didn’t have the .5mm capability back then.

regular mighty

Moderately Mighty.

Sugino Super Weak

sugino mighty mouse


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Somewhat Mighty.

slight might

Not Especially Mighty